Asecro CDN Plans
We offer CDN price to perfectly fit your needs. Choose from our plans below:
Standard Plan
per month
Fast site performance
Broad security protection
Powerful stats about your visitors
Peace of mind about running your website so you can get back to what you love

Commerce Plan
per month
Faster site performance
Mobile optimizations
Web application firewall (WAF)
Virtually real-time statistics
nsight into what's happening on your site

Business Plan
per month
All Pro features, plus full customization
Advanced denial of service attack mitigation
Organization identity included
100% uptime guarantee

Custom Plan
We do provide custom plans for clients with specific needs.
You can choose your region cache server below:
Standard Commerce Business Custom
Globally load balanced content
delivery network (CDN)
Automatic static content caching
IPv6 compatibility and gateway
Always Online™ Crawled weekly Crawled every 3 days Crawled daily Crawled daily
Rocket Loader™
Global Anycast DNS
SPDY Support
Polish & Mirage image optimization
Mobile optimization
Railgun™ origin network optimizer
Client maximum upload size 100 MB 100 MB 200 MB 500 MB
Standard security
Reputation-based threat
Comment spam protection
Content scraping protection
Block visitors by IP range or
Deploy collective intelligence to
identify new threats
Notify visitors on how to clean their
infected machine
Basic DDoS protection
Certificate type CloudFlare-issued CloudFlare-issued or custom CloudFlare-issued or custom
Certificate type Instant Instant Instant
Browser support All browsers All browsers All browsers
Keyless SSL
Advanced security
Web application firewall (WAF),
with built-in CloudFlare rule set
OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule
3rd Party WAF rule sets
(optional fee may apply)
Custom WAF rule support Up to 25 Up to 1,000
Advanced DDoS protection -
layer 3 and 4
Advanced DDoS protection
- layer 7
Advanced DDoS support
BGP origin protection
Analytics and control
Analytics for traffic to your site Updated every 24 hours Updated every 15 minutes Updated every 15 minutes Updated every 15 minutes
Easy DNS management
Cache purge Instant Instant Instant Instant
Wildcard support DNS only DNS only DNS only DNS and full proxy
Page rules 3 20 50 Custom
Minimum edge cache expire TTL 2 hours 1 hours 30 minutes 30 seconds
Client interface API
Interface customization
Custom DNS name servers
Raw log file access
App marketplace
Easy activation of web services
Exclusive CloudFlare apps
Email support Prioritized 24/7 response
Phone support
Dedicated account manager
Service level agreement 100% uptime guarantee 2500% uptime guarantee

$250 per month

$500 per month

$800 per month

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