Standard Tokyo Kuala Lumpur
HDD 100GB 50GB
Domain Setting 10 Domain 1 Domain
Database mSQL 10DB mSQL 10DB
Email Address Limitless Limitless
IP Dynamic 1 Flxation
DNS Config Set by us(Asecro) Set by us(Asecro)
CDN(optional) Yes | No Yes | No
SSL(optional) Yes | No Yes | No
Server Maintenance Free Free
CPanel - Yes($520 USD/Year)
Initial Cost Free Free
Pricing $ 120 USD/Month
$1,900 USD(1 Year-with CDN)
$ 50 USD/Month
$1,200 USD(1 Year-with CDN)
** CDN and SSL are optional. You can choose either one, but not both.
** Shared server pricing comes with free maintainance by Asecro
** Free domain maintenance by Asecro
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