Digital Signatures for Excel Spreadsheets

Prove document origin, add approval signatures, and prevent tampering.
Individual Certificates

GlobalSign's PersonalSign Digital Certificates allow you to digitally sign Microsoft Excel documents. A signed document carries the signer's identity and alerts the reader if any changes have been made since the document was signed, ensuring document integrity.

Meet data security compliance requirements and enable secure electronic document workflows around high value documents like budget spreadsheets, financial reports, payroll information and much more.

Digital signatures in Excel are applied using GlobalSign's Digital Certificate solution called PersonalSign. PersonalSign Digital Certificates are cryptographic signing certificates that bind your verified, physical identity to a certificate, allowing digitally signed documents to carry the same amount of trust as a wet ink signed paper version.

Why Digitally Sign Excel Documents?

  • Enable secure electronic document workflows
  • Ensure document integrity and authorship
  • Save time and resources by replacing paper-based workflows
  • Meet compliance requirements associated with electronic workflows
Supported Platforms

Supported Programs

Digital Signatures in Excel

Microsoft Excel supports both non-visible and visible digital signatures.

A non-visible digital signature cannot be seen within the contents of the document itself; however, recipients of the document can determine that the document has been digitally signed by looking for the red ribbon in the document status bar at the bottom of the screen or viewing the signature pane. This method is commonly used when you need to provide authenticity, integrity, and origin assurances, but do not necessarily need a visible signature line.

A visible digital signature appears as a signature line, similar to a physical document. Adding one or more digital signature lines to a document allows you to specify the individuals who must sign the document. The signer applies his or her own digital signature on the signature line created, with the option to include an image of his or her physical signature.

System Requirements:

- Internet browser to download and install certificate (we recommend Internet Explorer or Firefox)

- Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher

Issuance Process

After completing your order online, the identifying information included in your certificate will be verified by our Vetting Team. Once verified, you will receive an email with a link to download and install your certificate.

Depending on the information included in your certificate, the length of the verification process will vary.

PersonalSign 1 - issued same business day
Email address verification via email approval
PersonalSign 2 - issued within 2 - 3 business days (dependent on the user providing the signed order request and a copy of a government issued ID card)
Email address verification via email approval
Identity verification via submission of Personal Identity Documents
PersonalSign 2 Pro/Department - Issued within two to three business days unless supporting documentation is needed during the vetting process.
Email address verification via email approval
Identity verification via submission of Personal Identity Documents
Association with organisation verification via third party databases

Excel Digital Signatures for the Enterprise

GlobalSign's managed PKI platform, ePKI, allows organisations to manage all of their digital certificates from a single, web-based, easy to use portal. ePKI saves organisations time and money by allowing for immediate certificate issuance via pre-vetted profile information, certificate lifecycle management from issuance through renewal, and easy deployment options.