Digital Signatures for Excel Spreadsheets

Prove document origin, add approval signatures, and prevent tampering.

GlobalSign Code Signing Certificates for Macros and VBA are used to digitally sign VBA objects, scripts, and macros within Microsoft Office.

When end users open documents containing unsigned macros, they receive security alerts advising them "not to enable content unless they trust the source of the file". Digitally signing your macro binds your identity to the code and displays your name within the file, alleviating the end user's concern about running code from an unknown source. Any changes to the macro made after the signature has been applied, such as insertion of a virus, will invalidate the signature, protecting your name and reputation.

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Supported Programs

  • Removes "Unknown Publisher" security warnings when code is downloaded
  • Signature does not expire due to timestamping service
  • - Unless you’re adding additional code to your application, a new signature will not need to be applied even if the certificate used to initially sign the code expires.

  • Sign an unlimited number of apps
  • Protect your brand and reputation
System Requirements:

- Use Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

- If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or higher on Windows Vista or higher, please enable Active X.

Enrollment Process - Vendors & Organizations

  • Click buy now or renew to begin the enrollment process.
  • Complete all the steps in the GlobalSign online application wizard.
  • If an optional email address is used in the certificate details, you will receive a system generated email to validate the address.
  • GlobalSign will then verify the information provided in your application via third party sources. Please allow two to three business days for this step.
  • If we are able to confirm the information you provided, a vetting agent will contact you by phone to confirm your order. If we are not able to confirm your information, a vetting agent will contact you to gather more information.
  • You will receive an email at the address provided in your application with a link to download and install your Code Signing Certificate.

Why Sign Code?

Add an essential level of trust to the application installation process. The solution is simple - Sign your code!

Unsigned macros are automatically disabled in most Microsoft Office programs. End users are warned that macros may contain security hazards and to only enable content if they trust the source of the file.

Once digitally signed, end users can clearly see the name of the publisher and that the signature is valid. If they trust the source, they can change their settings to automatically enable all macros from that publisher in the future.