Multi-Domain SSL

Secure up to 100 different domains, subdomains, or IP addresses

Multi-domain SSL Certificates from GlobalSign utilize Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to to secure up to 100 different domain names, subdomains, and public IP addresses using only one SSL Certificate and requiring only one IP to host the Certificate.

We worked with Microsoft to develop a SSL Certificate specifically for use within the Exchange and Communications Server environments. A Multi-Domain SSL Certificate allows you to deploy the Domain Security feature and enable secure client access from the Internet.

While Multi-Domain SSL was originally developed for Unified Communications applications, it can benefit anyone looking for the simplicity of consolidating many domain names into a single SSL Certificate and single IP address.

Example Configuration

Multi-Domain SSL Pricing:

DomainSSL OrganizationSLL ExtendedSSL
Base Certificate Price $249

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Add-on Options
Unified Communications(owa I mail I autodiscover) Free Free Free
Additional Domain Names - $199
each per year
each per year
Additional Subdomains $99
each per year
each per year
each per year
Additional Public IP Addresses - $199
each per year

How can Multi-Domain SSL be used?

Unified Communications (UC)

Secure Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007. UC support for your owa, mail and autodiscover subdomains are free of charge.

Up to 100 Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs)

Secure different domains, such as,,, or different top level domains such as,,

Up to 100 multi-level Subdomains

Secure all subdomains, even different level subdomains such as, All levels are supported.

Up to 100 Public IP Addresses

Add publicly accessible IP addresses

Multi-Domain SSL Key Features

  • Secure up to 100 server names with a single SSL Certificate
  • 2048 bit encryption level
  • SHA-256 signed certificates
  • Underwritten warranty and 7 day refund
  • Clickable Secure Site Seal
  • Free phishing detection alerts
  • Install across as many servers as you wish for no extra charge
  • Reissue as many times as needed during the validity period
  • Universally works with all browsers, mobile phones and devices
  • SSL page load acceleration for enhanced website performance